Effective brand strategy and creative

We build brilliant brands that make people’s lives better.

Digital marketing and engaging content

Reach your audiences with powerful digital marketing, engaging content and captivating social.

Change management and engagement

Delivering culture change programmes for higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

Employer brand and values

Helping our clients recruit, retain and reward their best people.

Brand, digital and strategy specialists

We are a group of dedicated brand strategy, communications and digital specialists who have worked in the not for profit sector for over 20 years, often in international and complex organisations.

We blend strategic and hands-on communications that deliver change, brand development and creativity across all channels. We work with you to ensure your organisation will thrive, compete and stand out, in even the most challenging markets.

Because of our background in the sector we can seamlessly become part of your team, providing training and up-skilling your teams so projects are fully sustainable once we leave.

Why choose Addison Communications

Having worked as clients and consultants, in a wide variety of roles and organisations, we have a deep understanding of communications in the not for profit sector. We believe that our energy, creativity and passion will make change happen and stick. As a small and flexible team, you can trust us to get under the skin of your organisation, to ensure the services we provide are cost-effective and targeted to your needs

To chat to one of our team, please get in touch using the contact form below or call us on 020 8534 8046 or 07958 344008.


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Please note: some projects featured were delivered by the team working in collaboration with other agencies. All were delivered by addison communications team members.