Rebranding VSO

VSO is an international development organisation with nearly 60 years of experience in placing volunteers in developing countries. It had a fine history but because it had been working in so many countries for so long the brand had lost its meaning and started to fragment.

First we had to make sure that the people were driven by a set of values and behaviours that they could believe in, so we spent some time with local teams working out what was really important to them, and those closest to them. Once we knew that, we turned it into a set of compelling values that would form the basis of the brand.

Over the next year we redeveloped every aspect of VSO, rebranding all the communications, looking at the services, rebuilding the web and social presence, working with the HR teams on behaviours and finally launching the new corporate identity just over a year later. The outcome was a fresh and purposeful global identity reflecting one Global VSO. If you would like to know more about our work please get in touch for an informal chat, or email us on