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values and leadership

“A strong values-driven culture is critical to the success of high performance organisations. They have happier staff and see far lower staff turnover than those who are not values driven”.  We work with organisations on values and behaviours that inspire positive change.  Working with leadership teams to build shared understanding and giving them the skills, tools and training to successfully engage their teams. 

We have worked with a number of organisations including national Inquiries, charities and private sector companies to help manage their change communications. Quite often we find that change programmes become all about process and the people who are affected are left behind, pushed to one side or alienated by what seems like a change machine.

In each case we worked with key departments, forming change steering groups, planning a calendar of targeted communications and working on channels and messages. Key to the success of the project was ensuring all comms were timely, sensitive, accurate and consistent. We worked with leadership teams to define the desired culture and formulate a programme of activity that would deliver the desired change, keeping all the key audiences informed and engaged in the process to maximise the chance of success.

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