Rebranding Victim Support

A charity with a proud record of helping victims and witnesses of crime was struggling to be heard in a rapidly changing environment. Internally, it had major challenges explaining the need to change to its staff and volunteers. Externally, its influence had declined due to a perception among key stakeholders that the charity was unwilling to embrace new thinking and the entrance of new providers to the market. The support we offered combined distinctive and engaging branding with engaging and motivating change communications.

The brand needed to harness the energy of the staff and volunteers, present the softer and more supportive side of their work, and give supporters a rallying call. At all stages of the project we reached out to people both inside and outside the organisation to get them involved in creating the brand.

We embedded with internal teams, to lead communications for the organisation-wide change programme. We provided strategic advice on sensitive issues arising from the planned changes, developed new values of the organisation. Most importantly, we delivered a new brand for the charity aligned to its revised vision, mission and values but also relevant to external audience.

I worked with Jo and Hannah recently on an organisation brand refresh which they project managed and delivered from start to finish, from consulting with a wide range of stakeholders (internal and external); creating regular communications on progress – including establishing a set of brand champions, through to delivering the creative, the messaging, the rationale and importantly, the big idea behind the new brand which perfectly expressed our point of differentiation. They were both very committed and energetic in their pursuit of creating a bold, stand-out and relevant brand that would act as a platform for both operational change, as well as income generation. Their no-nonsense approach, peppered with great humour and empathy for those with a ‘day job’ set them apart from many consultants I have worked with. They were there with us right to the end: blowing up balloons; putting up signs and sourcing anything edible in red. I can highly recommend them.

Candy Stern

Head of Marketing and Communications , Victim Support