Website and learning portal for HomeshareUK

The task was to design and embed a website and learning portal for Homeshare UK a social care membership organisation. Included database integration and interactive map for members and prospective clients. Homeshare is a relatively new concept in the UK but has the potential to change the face of social care.  The scheme addresses two pressing needs, providing practical support and companionship for those who need it, and providing affordable, good quality housing for young people, students and keyworkers.

During the life of the project we:

  • Designed and built their entire digital platform including design, build and launch of website creation of content strategy, development and delivery of training and engagement plan for staff and network members.
  • Created an interactive map that allows people to search for schemes in their area.
  • Developed a learning platform so Homeshare can track and record the progress of all participants.
  • Finally, we designed a CRM system to match potential homesharers with householders in their area.

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